BOX lacrosse leagues for MS boys, HS boys, Adult men and a NEW Senior Men's League will begin at South Park Ice Rink in Bethel Park on their new sport court surface on Monday June 10th ,  2019 and ending July 15th, 2019 (with one rain date scheduled, if needed,  for July 22nd).  We are featuring 30-second (longer clock for Seniors!) shot clocks, using US Lacrosse Box rules, experienced coaches and will have an EMT on-site for all games.  And, AS always, Goalies play FREE!!

PGHBOXLAX price per player for the six week session is only $95.00 for all players in any of our outdoor/rink leagues.  In addition, a current US Lacrosse membership is REQUIRED to register for any of the summer PGHBOXLAX  leagues*.  US Lacrosse membership rates vary due to age group.  Go here to find more info about US Lacrosse membership: https://www.uslacrosse.org/membership

All PGHBOXLAX league open teams are limited to 16 runners per team (32 runners max total) and one goalie.  Our goal is to field evenly-talented teams to ensure competitive play each week.  Box goalie equipment will be provided.  US Lacrosse Box/Indoor rules will apply with 6 v 6 play.  No cross-checking or boarding.  Games are two 24-minute running time halves.  One game per team per night. Senior games are "no contact".  All players must wear full lacrosse equipment including athletic cup and mouth guard - rib pads and bicep pads are optional but encouraged for box lacrosse play.  South Park Rink surface will be "sport court" so regular sneakers are best – NO cleats as this rink is not a turf surface!!


Here is the line-up of PGHBOXLAX summer 2019 leagues...

Monday evening leagues -

  • MS Boys PGHBOXLAX league (grad years 2023/2024/2025 – current 6th/7th/8th graders) – MS Boys box league games will be played on six consecutive Mondays from 6pm – 7pm.  
  • HS Boys PGHBOXLAX league (grad years 2019/20/21/22 – current 9th – 12th graders) – HS Boys box league games will be played on five of six Mondays from 7pm – 8pm. (possibly also 9pm-10pm)
  • Adult Mens PGHBOXLAX league (current 2018 grads, college players and grads,…up thru ages 44 years) – Adult Mens box league games will be played on six consecutive Mondays from 8pm – 9pm. 
  • NEW!! Senior Mens PGHBOXLAX league (ages 45 and older) - Senior Mens league games will be played on six consecutive Monday nights from 9pm-10pm.